Fundraise with SCRIP!


SCRIP is an easy, ongoing fundraiser that anyone can participate with very little time on your part.

Simply purchase gift cards for retailers that you frequent from SCRIP, a third-party company that sells the gift cards and then returns a portion of the purchase to the band program. Then shop as you normally would for groceries, clothing, gifts, dining out, home improvement, etc., and earn money for the Titan Band in the process!

Easy Way to Participate

Make the same purchases your family already makes on a monthly basis – things like gas, groceries, dining out, clothing, and entertainment.

No Extra Purchases

There is no need to buy anything unnecessary. The program works off of your family’s everyday household expenses.

100s of Retailers Available

There are nearly 400 national retailer stores to choose from, including The Home Depot®, Target®, iTunes®, Tom Thumb, Red Lobster®, Exxon, and more.

Avoid Fraud

Pay for everyday purchases with gifts cards instead of a debit/credit card and avoid the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Online Shopping

Gift cards work in store and on-line for convenient shopping.

Earnings Add Up

It’s possible that a single family can generate $600-$1000 of rewards in a single year when shopping with scrip. Your support can go a long way!

So How Do I Get Started?

Account Set Up and Ordering Instructions

Order and Delivery Dates